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Mar 8, 2011 6:00pm EST
's self help sessions but today a u.s. house committee came to town, talking about fraud and lender errors. governor o'malley says maryland is fighting to give homeowners here a fighting chance. >> adequate protections to homeowners. >> the state does have a foreclosure moratorium going on. this is meant to let judges get a chance to review the fine print and work out the mistakes that have been made. >>> unless it's uncle frank calling to pay for your vacation think twice. the "scam alert" is about picking up your own tab for vacation this summer. joce sterman has more. who is cheating on their taxes? not just ripping off uncle sam for $5 or $10. we mean hundreds of thousands of dollars. we name names, next. >> looking forward to that. almost 50 at bwi marshall today. 51 is the average for part of early march. so nothing unusual there. the 2-degree guarantee was 50 so our 2-degree guarantee winner, oliver avery from owings mills. congratulations. you get a abc2 news storm umbrella. get your name to we'll be right back with the forecast. ñ >>> wouldn't it be great if someone
Mar 28, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. the u.s. department of agriculture confirms a beetle has been found in baltimore. what? what is this? it's an asian beetle that arrives in a container of crafts from china earlier this month. experts warn these beetles can cause serious problems. they have an appetite for wood. that's just great. >> interesting. not so welcome a visitor. >>> 47 degrees at the airport. running colder than average as we have been now for more than a week. the first day or two of spring was actually seasonable. after that, colder than average. humidity dry, 18% winds are northwest at 12. i got a few pictures to show you from my visits from appletonned a ventist academy in columbia. i spoke to fifth graders there. they showed me some spirit. they did here. waving hi to everybody at home. a great time out out there at appleton adventist academy today. on the weather front, sunshine and clouds. a decent day but cooler than average even with the sunshine. laurel, i mean, a good-looking day but again that chill just holding tough throughout the day. dry tomorrow. we find nothing on maryland's most powerful dopp
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2